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Restylane Silk ®

Whether or not you were born with thin lips, have lips that do not match, or you've fashioned wrinkles around your mouth which have thinned them out over time, dermal fillers like Restylane Silk, an thrilling new facial filler in Beverly Hills , may also help restore fullness or add the dramatic effect you have seemed for.

Actual date of availability and price in the US remains to be pending. We hope that the price of the product will be lower then the present unique Restylane making it an excellent restylane silk puerto rico low value lip plumper. We are assured that we are going to see its look in 2015, if not Q4 of 2014.

In a scientific examine involving 221 sufferers, researchers observed that seventy seven% of sufferers handled with Restylane Silk showed an improvement in lip fullness eight weeks submit-treatment, and 59% of handled sufferers maintained lip fullness for six months. In the identical research, 98% of patients reported a visible enchancment within the fullness of their lips 14 days after injection, and seventy six% reported that they still had lip enchancment six months following injection. The most common uncomfortable side effects had been swelling, tenderness, bruising, pain and redness. The majority of these negative effects had been gentle and decreased in severity within two to seven days.

Restylane Silk is a clear liquid gel that may be injected immediately into the lips to increase fullness or to smooth out the small wrinkles that form round your mouth, causing the lips to skinny with age. It is less viscous that Restylane; subsequently, it flows more easily and requires much less strain to inject. Since it has 0.three p.c lidocaine, the discomfort is minimal, with the remedy lasting about 30-60 minutes. By the tip of the treatment, wrinkles will likely be diminished by about eighty p.c, your lips will seem fuller, and your outcomes will final about three-6 months.

As with Restylane treatments for nasolabial wrinkles, you must seek to discover a practice that has expertise injecting Restylane Silk so that you simply get the perfect outcomes potential. At Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Middle in Beverly Hills, we're specialists at administering Restylane Silk for plumping lips and smoothing wrinkles around the mouth, in addition to other injectables comparable to Botox , Juvederm , Dysport and Perlane.

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